Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Feeling Overwhelmed.

EFT can help you to overcome those issues of Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Feeling Overwhelmed, to give you the life that you deserve, the life that you want for yourself.

Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Feeling Overwhelmed    If anxiety, panic attacks or feelings of being overwhelmed affect you, there is a way of dealing with the problem. Whereas traditional methods can take many months before you see results, EFT is a relatively quick and painless way of dealing with your problem. No longer will you have to:-

  • Worry about all the things that “could” happen.
  • Be concerned about what others may think, say or do.
  • Feel petrified about having another anxiety attack
  • Avoid anxiety creating situations, situations that you may have enjoyed under different circumstances.
  • Feel that all things in life are difficult, they weigh you down.
  • Be concerned that your life is being limited by the anxiety you feel.
  • Be afraid of speaking in public, have a fear of flying or driving test nerves

EFT can help you to overcome  these issues, and give you the life that you deserve, the life that you want for yourself

Stress.    It is widely recognised that stress is responsible for more illness, loss of work days and deaths than any other form of sickness. Do you feel that:-

  • You can’t see how you are going to make that deadline.
  • You have so much to do and not enough time to do it in.
  • You are unable to relax.
  • You have feelings of constant tension in your muscles?
  • You cannot sleep and feel tired all of the time?
  • You do not trust yourself to make decisions.
  • You feel frozen and stuck and unable to carry on.

All of the above are signs of stress. EFT can help you overcome all of those feelings, help you to live your life in a stress free way, creating more peace and enjoyment in your life.

Trauma.    The effects of trauma on the body can be devastating, as people go through feelings of shame, shock, denial, guilt, disbelief. Insomnia, nightmares, fatigue, unexpected pains and illnesses are all symptoms of a body that is suffering from unresolved trauma. By using EFT it is possible to clear the energy around the unresolved trauma, bringing the body back to the state that it should be, healthy and secure.

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