Everyday modern living helps to create in many of us those varying levels of anxiety that, unfortunately, we have become accustomed to.


When we understand that anxiety is only blocked energy in the body, it can be overcome.

Anxiety Many of us know all about those anxious feelings when a forthcoming event places us at the centre of attention or when our social or family commitments require us to make that important speech.

These feelings of anxiety, for many people, emerge unexpectedly but occur all too often, creating debilitating feelings especially in specific conditions, locations or environments.

It may happen when walking alone, in remote or busy locations, whilst driving along on a busy road or motorway. First time meetings are a regular cause of anxiety, unfamiliar surroundings or remembering past events or situations.

This anxiety and the often accompanying panic attacks can have a negative impact on our quality of life and this anxiety can breed further anxiety which can create a perpetual circle of negative behavior.

If any of the above is a description of the way that you are feeling at the moment, EFT and Energy Therapy can have a way of helping you that can overcome this problem.

We understand that anxiety and the resulting panic attacks are blockages in the energy system which can be cleared to provide relief from the symptoms.

EFT can normally break down that energy blockage in the body allowing the body energy to flow.

Many of my clients have experienced incidents in their earlier years which have caused problems in their current lives. By using EFT and/or Matrix ReImprinting we can go back to those previous memories and tap away those energy blockages, creating many dramatic life improvements.

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My practices are based in Cheshire and Manchester in the UK and in Orihuela Costa on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Wherever you are in the World, I can probably help you to overcome those feelings of anxiety because EFT and Energy Therapies can be practiced over the telephone or Skype. Please contact me for details.