About Me

EFT Master Practitioner : Improving Energy FlowWhen I sat down to write an “About Me” page for my website, I started to think about what really started the journey down the road to where I am today, helping  people to change aspects of their life using the different modalities that I have learned.

I am a Lancashire lad and since leaving school, I have worked in the security and telecommunications  industry for much of my life. The 21st Century started with the sad loss of a dear friend and this started me on the road to finding out that there is something else in this life that, at that time, I was missing.

This search led me to learning Reiki Healing, qualifying as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner and then in to Energy Healing with EFT, Emotrance and Matrix Reimprinting.

More recently I have qualified as a Meta Health Practitioner which has given me an understanding in to the mind  body connection, how we can relate the stress in our lives to the illnesses and diseases.

All of this training and qualifications has given me the insight to understand that change within our lives is possible and we do not need to live with those painful memories or incidents from the  past. I now understand that everything that has happened to me before now, is only an aspect of my past life, not my life as it is at this moment.

The different modality’s of Energy Healing have allowed me to deal with the loss of my dear friend and the other negative issues that have happened throughout my life. This allows me to go forward and enjoy life as it was always meant to be.

The more that I learn, the more client’s that I see, the more I feel that it is my destiny to do this work.

If I can help you to change your life, to go forward to a better way of living, please contact me.

“It is always possible to change the past and get on with the future.”