Yes, depending on what the issue is.  Working on any psychological problem is a team effort between the practitioner and the client. Change is much easier than you may think. If you are reading this question and you have an issue, you have already taken one of the first steps to moving away from that issue. If you are serious about wanting change, it could be the right time to take the next step. Contact me.

No. I am not a medical doctor and I do not consider myself to be a healer. I am a practitioner with experience of several different modalities that can help to move you from where you are at the moment to where you want to be from a mind, body and spirit perspective.

You can, but identifying and navigating your own emotions is incredibly difficult to achieve. When working with an experienced practitioner, the practitioner is working from an emotionally neutral position and can pinpoint key elements of the problem. This makes a critical difference  in progress. My specialist experience also guides you to a quicker, gentler solution.

Normally NO. The techniques that I use do not normally require a re-visit to a particular event but in the rare case that we have to, it will be in a gentle dis-associated manner. The modalities that I use are NOT “talk therapies”. Please contact me  for free advice.

No, not at all. EFT is a technique that works on most people, sceptic or not. The main issue is that YOU want to change. If that is the case, change for the better will take place. You have to want it for YOU, not for anybody else!

Many of my clients have been suffering with anxieties, phobias, since childhood and yes I have found that energy therapies are long lasting. My treatments deal not only with the mind but encourage physical and social changes.

No, but I can guide / teach you how to fix your own stress in a fun and enjoyable way.

A detailed description can be found here

A detailed description can be found here

A detailed description can be found here

Dependant on where you live I will be happy to come to you but there will be additional charges. Please contact me. It is much easier to do this via Skype or the phone. EFT  is ideally suited to working over Skype and the phone. I have conducted many successful Skype sessions with people as far away as Germany, USA and Australia.

Appointments are available in High Peak, Derbyshire in the UK and Orihuela in Spain. For details please contact me. Many of my clients prefer to use Skype.

My client sessions are 60 minutes long.  My current session rate is £55.00

It is free for the initial consultation of 20 minutes.